New housemate …

Due to the fact that my office is still using the old server, I may need to work overtime until the new server is up and running. Well, the hardware of the old server is not stable and I will have to do backups every now and then especially a final copy at the end of the day to make sure that every data is captured. Anyway, it is my job and hopefully the new server will be ready on Monday.

A new housemate has moved in today. She is Hungarian. She sounded friendly when talking to her friend, who helped her to move, and the landlord. The first time when I met her was the time she came to look at the room. She did not even bother to smile. Well, if that is the case, she better shows some respect while she lives in this rented house.

The landlord has also appointed a cleaner to clean the house every week and he hopes that we will cooperate. Cooperate in the sense that we will keep the place clean and tidy. The problem is that some people in the house does not do any cleaning or even throw the rubbish when the bin is full. We, for instance, clean up the mess that we make and throw our rubbish in our own bins to avoid any conflict.

Today is the last day of November. Everyone is talking about Christmas presents and radio stations are broadcasting Christmas songs. The scene at Festival Place shopping center is just packed with people. The people are waiting for the shop to open and cars are queuing up for parking spaces way before the shopping center’s opening hours. Public transport seems to be a better way to travel.

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