Shopping for car insurance

It is only one and a half month before I go back to Malaysia. Eagerly waiting for the day to come yet strings of tasks waiting for me when I come back to UK. The first task will be to take my car for servicing and MOT. On second thought, I might have to do more with my car. As my car was bought second hand, I think I may have to do balancing, alignment as well as changing the cam belt.

Right after that, I will need to plan and compare my car insurance. Hopefully, I will be able to take the advantage of no-claim-discount and save an amount of money. I paid about £600 for my first car insurance plan and I reckon that it will drop to £400 plus on the second year. Well, I will have to make some price comparisons on price comparison websites because it is the easiest way to get quotation from all major car insurance companies.

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