UK is about fashion

When I was in Malaysia, I always loved to go to Brothers Car Accessories shop and Eneos Car Center. They both sell a lot of car accessories and car modification tools. Even though I did not spend much on modifying my car at that time, but I loved to see the types of technologies and accessories that could improve the look and performance of the cars. Well, it was similar to what I would do when browsing computer accessories, hardware and software.

In UK, I find that there are not much specialized shops on cars and computers. There are people driving Harley Davidson’s motorbike but I doubt that it is easy to find and Harley parts here. There is Halfords, selling car accessories but the range of items is limited. There is Maplin, selling computer hardware and software but then again, the range of items is limited. Online is a good place to compare prices but I like to look at the actual products rather than just pictures.

So, what is all about in UK? I believe it is fashion. Shops that are making profitable businesses in this recession period are fashion shops like Primark and Topshop. Even Currys, one of the largest electronic shops, has reported loss this year.

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