When will I tidy up my blog? …

It is my ex-manager’s birthday today. He has moved to another office nearby and a new guy from another department is seated at his place. Well, not much has changed, just the seating. He still comes here often to discuss things. The new guy is as quiet as me and since my ex-manager has moved the office is certainly not as lively as before.

Right at the moment, I am just hoping that the new server will be up as soon as possible so that I do not have to do the backup anymore. The problem when doing the backup is that the whole system slows down, as well as my computer.

As for my blogs, things are not looking very well. In fact, there are no changes at all and I am just posting and ranting all the time. I need to seriously tidy up this blog but at the same time, I want to setup my Samsung NC10 with Mac OS X and WiFi. The WiFi chipset does not seem to be compatible with Mac OS X but apparently, there are some workarounds which I have not fully tested. Head over to All My Reviews if you want to follow up my progress. Fingers crossed!

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