MMORPG great on netbooks

Whenever I get my hands on any new gadgets, I always think of games. Games, games and games. When I first bought my Sony Ericsson P990i, the first thing that I searched was games. Before I even bought Samsung NC10, I was already checking the types of games that will run on that small little machine. Well, the list of games that can be played on netbooks is quite limited to children games and 3D shooting games, which I am not really interested.

Hence, I shifted my focus and installed Mac OS X on it. Now that I have both Windows XP and Mac OS X on Samsung NC10, I am going to search for Mac games. In fact, there are quite a lot of free games for Mac but I have not tried any. Thus, I shall not make any comments yet.

One type of game which will definitely work is internet game. Honestly, I have not tried any internet games for the fear of getting addicted. But I must admit that I really need to try it out. A netbook will definitely work the treat and the first MMORPG that I am going to try is the NEO Shifters Resistance.

MMORPG – Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game

It is working smoothly on NC10 and this is the game that I can play using Windows XP as well as Mac OS X. The character can be customized almost from head to toe and you will definitely not getting the same look as other online players. Best of all, the game play can be translated into different types of languages and it will be the battle of the world!

I will definitely recommend Neo Shifters Resistance to anyone who has a netbook but feel limited to the types of netbook games available. By the way, I cannot wait to try it out on my 19-inch monitor too. Play Neo Shifters Resistance now and catch me if you can.


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