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Right now, we are still running on the same old server. We have no intention to run the new server because it will cause another few hours of downtime in order to configure the new server. We agreed that we should use the old server name in order to avoid any conflicts that may happen in the future. More importantly, they have important reports and data that need to be produced by today and hopefully; we will be getting on with the new server tomorrow.

Tonight, Mee will work late shift again. I might work late too because I need to do the backup since the new server is on hold.

As I am actively dropping Entrecards, my blogs are listed on some of Entrecardsters’ top droppers. Few days ago, I was tagged by Ask Ms Recipe with friendship’s flower. Well, my list of friends would be as follow:

Technically Easy
Singapore in London
Steven Humour
The Natural State Hawg
Room 237_Origins
Low Han Yew’s Journal

Here are the rules for this tag;
1) Right click to save the badge to your computer and put it on your blog
2) Link back who pass you this tag.
3) Spread this tag to at least 7 or more bloggers who you think you are friend with

And lovely are the blossoms
That is tended with great care,
By those who work unselfishly
To make the place more fair.
And, like the garden blossoms,
Friendship’s flower grows sweeter
When watched and tended carefully
By those we know and meet
.And, if the seed of friendship
Is planted deep and true
And watched with understanding,
Friendship’s flower will bloom for you.

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