Getting cosy on the bed

The weather is getting cold. Normally, I can drive back home straightaway after work. Nowadays, I have to sit in my car for at least 10 minutes and waiting for the ice to melt. Every morning, I just hope that I can stay in the bed for a few more minutes. However, I need to drag myself out of the bed earlier than usual because I need to switch on the heated screen and the heating of my car for at least 10 minutes, again, waiting for the ice to melt.

Mee and I love our bed. As the weather turns cold, we tend to fight for each other’s share of blanket during the night. The thought of getting an extra duvet has come across our mind and we hope that we are able to get some good deal during Christmas period as well as the VAT reduction announcement. Well, good things do not come cheap, so we are looking for something affordable.


Spundown duvet from Pure Living Collection sounds good because it is lightweight and washable at 60 degrees. Best of all, it is good for allergy sufferers. This coming weekend, I can imagine myself blogging on the bed with the netbook since I have managed to solve the Mac OS X WiFi compatibility issue. Eating breakfast may not be a good idea. Getting the Spundown Duvet may be a good option because it is washable if we ever get it dirty but I believe we will always want its companion.


2 responses on “Getting cosy on the bed

  1. myi4u

    few weeks ago, there was a shop selling discounted windscreen shields. i was tempted but in the end, i bought ice scraper instead. i am quite worried that the strong wind may blow off the shield. on the other hand, i am not sure how efficient they are, or simply, i am quite lazy to put on and put off the shield every morning and every night, hehehehe…..

    i dun think the back screen can be done because the windscreen thingy is held by the side mirrors. my housemate uses a pail of hot water and splash it on to the windscreen … i thought it is a nice technique though .. haha ..

  2. Polly

    Have you tried one of the windscreen sheilds that you can get that helps to keep off the ice and snow. They are made of a material that appears to help to keep your windscreen slightly warmer – I’m not sure if they do them for back screens as well. I know some take waterbottles and place them in their cars half and hour before going out in the morning – not sure whether that works though – but at least I suppose it gives you a warm seat!

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