Frustrating and busy weekend …

I used up most of my Saturday’s time playing around Mac OS X again. It was frustrating because I did so many restart until the volume corrupted. I have since restored from the backup and everything is working fine. The problem that I got was the WiFi stopped after installation of a program called Shade. Shade is used to control the brightness and it just screwed up the WiFi after reboot. But I am determined to try it again because sometimes, the screen is just too bright. Well, I thought that I would be lying on the bed comfortably typing my posts but instead, I was trying to make the WiFi worked on Mac OS X.

Mee and I went to Colindale, London yesterday. The weather was good; sunny but cold. Apparently, the lady who does the facial wash will be going back to Malaysia after Christmas for a long vacation. After all, she has not been back to Malaysia for four years. That is a long time.

On the way back, something not so good happened. The engine warning light of my car illuminated. However, everything was fine. There was no loss of power and the engine ran perfectly. We stopped at a rest area and I switched off the engine and reignited it. And it was alright. We thought that it might be fine again next morning and I continued to drive back home. I proceeded to wash my car under the cold weather and hoped that everything will be fine the next day.

Sadly, the light is still illuminating. I searched through forums and found out that some drivers experienced the engine warning light before and it was due to the fuel cap being not closed tightly. Apparently, Mee and I refilled the tank just before we went to Colindale yesterday. I just hope that is the case. Fingers crossed!

There was a Top Gear event happening at Festival Place Basingstoke last night. Jeremy Clarkson and The Stig (if I am not mistaken because I was not at the scene) drove around the centre’s pedestrian walkways as Festival Place was turned into a race track. Mee and I would not want to be there as it would definitely be crowded and I did not think that it was opened to public.

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