Quick update …

The new server is up and running. There are a few glitches but it will be looked at by my ex-manager. New server means the end of my backup duty. I can go back on time in other words. The departments around the college are planning their last meeting before Christmas and I had just received mine. Most of the staffs have their holidays booked but I have none. Well, it is their new year anyway.

Believe it or not, it is hot right now. Bright and sunny but come evening, I believe it will be icing cold. Yesterday, Mee bought a large throw as an addition to our blanket. That addition has made us slept better last night and of course in the future too.

Over at All My Reviews, I have posted that UEFA Champions League Season 2000 should work well with my Samsung NC10. Hmm… I wonder if I should install it tonight. Let’s see if I have the time.

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