Free Virgin Media TV service …

I received a surprise call from Virgin Media yesterday. The caller was quite long winded yet explained everything in details. As I am currently subscribing the phone and broadband, I am eligible to have free TV service. I thought of asking Virgin Media on the procedures to receive the free TV service after Mee and I come back from Malaysia. However, they act sooner than me and I believe that it is because my contract of £15.50 per month has just finished and I will start paying £20 per month from next month.

Due to this festive period, I will have the V Set-Top Box sent to me for free plus a free upgrade to L TV package free for a month from the time I connect the set-top box. After a month, my package will be reverted to M TV package. The only problem is that Mee and I do not have a TV. Buying a TV will make our room smaller. The other idea that I have in mind is to buy a TV Box which will convert the Set-Top Box signal to our monitor. The local Maplin store should have everything that we need to convert our monitor to a TV.

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