Troubles …

Two more weeks and it will be Christmas time. Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way. Hehe… i am not a good singer actually. Well, it is festive season now and my colleagues have started decorating the office. Some offices have a full size Christmas tree. Wow … that is kind of serious stuff.

Two days without posting. Lazy was the word I think. Not at all to be honest. I was busy in the office because bad things happened after the new server is up. Gladly, it was solve on Friday and we, as in the MIS department, will have a good time next week, hopefully. Also, I am troubled by my car’s engine warning light. I tried calling the car dealer but only managed to get hold of him today. And they can only check my car on Monday. Well, I guess that I will just have my car checked by my college’s garage. Not sure what is the procedure but I will check with my department manager next week.

My manager will go on holiday from next Friday until beginning of January. I will be left alone then. Anyway, I will have my own holiday after new year. So, it is not that bad. By the way, no people will be looking for trouble before Christmas. That is the rule anyway. hehe …

As promised, I received the Virgin Media set top box on Thursday. Mee signed for it. It is a silver Samsung set top box and it looks a bit cheap. I have not tested it yet and we might not buy the TV box for now. Maybe after Christmas. Well, for your information, a TV box is used to convert any computer monitor to function as a TV.

Lastly, this is my first post using Mac OS X Leopard. I just love it.

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