Shopping again …

Mee and I went to town yesterday. As usual, it was crowded. The weather was cold but better that the raining Saturday. We went to source for a Christmas present of around £5 for our department Christmas gathering this coming Wednesday. Then we bought 5 plastic crates from Argos in order to tidy up our room. At night, Mee msn-ed with my sister to discuss Christmas do. Technically, I was not involved because I was busy playing UEFA Champions League 2000 and writing Christmas cards for my colleagues. I only gave my opinion once a while.

I have not spoken to my department manager regarding the college garage. She was quite busy and I could not get hold of her. Apparently, she is on her lunch now and I will try to speak to her as soon as she gets back. I wonder if the college garage has the time to check my car today. I just cannot wait to get rid of the engine warning light.

By the way, one of my colleagues dyed her hair blonde and most of them were making fun of her in the morning.

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