Secret Santa …

The weather is good today. Warm in the office but cold outside. I got my car fixed by the college’s tutor. Well, before I made the appointment with the tutor in charge, I actually thought that they would have done a good job. Apparently, this is one of the largest colleges in this area and most of the mechanics out there should be the product of the automotive department.

As for now, he managed to take off the engine warning light and if the light is up again, I should contact him again to replace some parts. Honestly, I do not really know which part he was talking about. But as long as it is safe to drive, I do not care until my next service.

In the office, we had our Secret Santa session before lunch. Everyone was told to buy a gift of £5 value and all the gifts were put in a bin bag with shredded papers. Then, everyone gets the chance to put their hands in the bin bag and grab a gift. I got a fridge magnet talking bottle opener. Funny thing. Some of them got mugs, chocolates, finger nail blower, funny calculator and toys. And tonight, some of my colleagues will have a Christmas party and they are discussing their costumes and stuffs like that. The theme is Monte Carlo. Tomorrow, I believe half of them will not be here since the event will end at 0000 hours.

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