The gift …

This is the gift that I got from the Secret Santa. Guess what? I used the webcam of Samsung NC10 to capture it. Not very clear under yellow lighting but at least, it makes my job easier. I do not have to take out the camera, take a picture of it, connect using cable or take out the memory card, connect to the netbook, blah, blah, blah… Hmm… it is a fridge magnet talking can opener!!! I do not think that Mee and I will use it often but it is kind of cute. Especially the eyes that look like me. And it is one of the characters in family guy. I never watch the cartoon though.

The part that caused the engine warning light illuminated was oxygen sensor. If I were to replace it, it will cost around £60. Hopefully, it will not illuminate again. While I searched for the price of the oxygen sensor, one user actually posted a top tip. I can actually check the engine warning error code myself from the odometer. I just press and hold the odometer reset button and switch on the engine. After that, keep pressing the button and it will show a series of diagnostic on the dashboard. Finally, it will display the error code when it comes to the engine warning light section. Since the car is working fine at the moment, it is unnecessary to test it out. But I should remember this top tip.

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