Half day job …

These two days, my office computer took forever to load my profile. It took almost 30 – 40 minutes from boot to a state where I can start doing my work comfortably. Anyway, I logged a support call to our IT department and one of the guys came down to fix it. I was surprised that he just deleted my profile on the computer. I tried that earlier but it did not work. The difference was that I only deleted my profile while the guy deleted all the profiles available. He even said that this kind of things happened when some people work a bit harder than everyone else. Well, was that a compliment?

Our office worked only half day today. I reached home at 1330. Thanks to Microsoft Internet Explorer recent security alert, the IT department had to install the Microsoft Update to all the servers. As a result, we could not use our computer which effectively meant we could do nothing at all. Our department manager was kind enough to let us go but other departments might not have the same fate.

The new housemate is in a very good term with Mee at the moment. They are very good to each other and almost like sisters. Well, that is a good thing because other housemates are like minding their own businesses only.

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