Christmas lunch …

Yesterday, my office had an annual staff meeting where we talked about the happenings throughout the year and how we can improve our overall performance. The principal was invited and one of my colleagues had been awarded the longest service award. She received a travel voucher for her 25 years of service. That is a long time. Soon after the meeting, we went for our Christmas lunch. My manager, who was on leave, had joined us too. I had a fish skewers as starter, steak as main course and apple tart as dessert.

The Christmas this year seems different from last year. Well, there were more people during last year’s Christmas lunch. This year, one was sick and another one had to escort her family member to hospital. My manager had a minor car accident last week and a colleague fell down on staircases. Anyway, forget about the bad things happening and look forward to having a better new year.

Right at the moment, one of my colleagues is playing through her Christmas collection songs. It has been repeated twice and gosh, it is very loud too. Tomorrow, we will work until 1400. I wonder how crazy they will be.

I have downloaded a free MacJournal software and I aim to copy all the existing posts into the software in order to record them as a journal of myself.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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