Back to work …

The weather is very cold and yesterday, it snowed in the middle of the night. Not a thick snow though. I am back to my normal state; waking up at 0700 and work. My computer is still very slow on startup. I guess that I have to log another support call to the IT support here. The heating at this site of the college is not working and the access to the car park where I normally park my car is blocked because they have to dig deep to fix the heating pipe. As a result, I have to park across the other site of the college.

Guess what? Two weeks from now, my sister, Mee and I will be back to Malaysia! That will be a longer break for me. I already felt a little bit uneasy to come to work because of the long Christmas and New Year break and I was almost late for work today. Apparently, nothing changes and everyone works like our usual self. And they had taken down the Christmas decorations.

What Mee and I have to do now is to pack our luggage. Oh yeah, just few days ago, we grabbed the redundant TV in our rented house and connected it to Virgin Set Top Box. Well, right at the moment, we have abandoned the thought of getting a TV Box which convert a computer monitor to view TV programmes. We will decide a gain after we come back from Malaysia. Anyway, the redundant TV still works fine except it does not have a remote control.

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