Sutton Day 2

Boxing day… We woke up early and drove our way to London. This was our first time driving experience to London and it turned out not that bad. Although we were a little bit worried about the crowd, traffic and parking, we were fine in the end. We used our Tom Tom navigator and managed to get to Oxford Street with minor problem. Traffic was smooth and we had to park the car a few streets away from Oxford Street.

Our first impression was that there certainly were people getting up earlier than us as well as more serious in getting good bargains in the Boxing Day Sales.

We headed our way straight to Selfridges but were surprised that people were already queuing to get into branded shops such as LV, Gucci and Prada. However, it was quite easy to get into the shopping floors of Selfridges. Looking at the number of shoppers in Selfridges, we decided that to go back later and shop at other stores; Body Shop, Clarks, John Lewis, Debenhams and the likes.

We went back to Selfridges in the evening but there were still people queuing and we gave up. We reached home around 2100 and BBC news reported hundreds of people were waiting outside Selfridges before it opened its doors for business.

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