IN or OUT of UK?

One of the purposes of going back to Malaysia is to sort out Mee’s visa. I reckon that it will be a quick procedure and it will take about the same time as my previous visa application. As a bid to control the number of people coming into UK, the border and immigration control has come out with dozen of rules as well as reviewing existing rules all the time. A few months after I obtained my work permit, a new rule has made it compulsory for every employer to apply a license before they can sponsor or hire anyone abroad and most of the visa categories have been amended to follow a specific Point Based System.

The less affected visa application would be the student category especially students studying in medical assistant training school as well as nurses or care school, accounting school and other highly demanded skills in UK.

As much as the people in UK hopes that changes would make it difficult for foreigners to come into the country, the number of immigrants coming to UK and the number of UK citizens migrating to other countries have increased over the years.

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