More shops closing down

A walk in the town yesterday, Mee and I found out that another two shops are closing down; a shop selling handmade soaps and a shop selling all kinds of cards. In this bad economy situation, all sort of businesses are trying to attract consumers into spending and spending and spending.

Supermarkets like Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury have their own product packaging to indicate that those products are the cheapest available. Some sections such as the wine have a special category called the wine of the month so that consumers will know the best seller wine. Somehow, the most visited section will be the Reduced to Clear section. This is usually crowded with consumers looking for good bargains on any types of products. Hence, in my opinion, individual stores could not really compare their product prices against the big players.

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  1. Busby SEO Test

    i think maybe there is some reason why More shops closing down because of financial problems or a lot more. thanks for the information

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