Unpredictable weather …

The weather is unpredictable. It is raining at the moment and it is windy since last night. The temperature has gone from minus 13 degrees a few days ago to about 7 these two days. Well, I prefer the weather now rather than the chilling condition in the past week. Whenever I talk about weather, I thought of a saying that UK people are always talking about weather especially when they have nothing to talk about. That is quite true because 80% of my conversations with my other colleagues are always started with weather condition.

My sister is generous enough to treat both Mee and I for haircuts before we go back to Malaysia. Well, initially, I thought that a haircut by Mee would be good enough but my sister said that she will treat me too if I am going for a saloon haircut. Thus, Mee helped me to book a time for me on today’s evening. Gosh, it has been a long time since I had my haircut in a saloon. Since there is only one stylist today, Mee will have to book a time on other day. Thank you sis!!!

Just hours ago, the fire alarm sounded and all the staffs had to go to the assembly point and wait in the rain.

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