Do you like Sony products?

When I was small, I could not differentiate between Sanyo and Sony. I thought they were the same; both Japanese company and the quality should be good. However, it appears that Sony does better than Sanyo in the market but who can say that Sanyo’s product is no better than Sony? The fridge in my parents’ house is the same age as me and it is Sanyo. It is still in good and working condition but I must say that my mum has taken a great care of it. Otherwise, it would not have survived.

Mee and I own a few Sony products; Sony Ericsson P990i, Sony Ericsson V630i, Sony MP3 and MP4 players and Sony Playstation Portable. However, Sony music players are quite a let down. I do not quite understand why these players come with short earphone cables and extensions instead of just normal earphones with reasonable cable length. Other than that, there is nothing to complain about Sony’s products.

In the future, I will be looking forward to buying a gaming console. Well, the question that I will ask myself is, ‘Wii or PS3?’ I might choose Wii instead even though I love Sony Playstation 3 very much. Hmmm, PS4 might be out by the time I need to make such decision.

Sony Playstation 3 is what I thought of a great gaming machine. It has Blu-Ray drive and it works like a computer. Yeah, you might say that Xbox and Wii are quite the same. But as far as I can see, Wii is in a different category where the games are mostly suitable to play with family members and friends. Xbox may seem to be the same as PS3 but I just prefer PS3 and the sleek design. As said, Wii will be my first choice because I would love to have Mee playing games with me. Who knows, I might get a PS3 later on.

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