Memory cards decision

I have been looking for a memory card for sometime. Currently, Mee’s camera is using a miniSD card in a SD converter. I know that I should not be worrying too much but I am just afraid that the converter might not be reliable. On the other hand, I believe that a SD card will perform better than a miniSD card in a SD converter.

Just last week, Morrisons has reduced the prices on compact flash cards, SD cards and SDHC cards. I am particularly interested in the SD cards package; £8 for 2X2GB SD card. SDHC is out of question because the technology did not exist when the camera was first introduced. On the other hand, is selling Extreme II 2GB SD card for £4.99. The price is considered very cheap compared to high street price and it is said to perform faster than normal SD card.

Hmm… tough decision. In the end, I might go for the Extreme II 2GB SD card but I will be going back to Malaysia soon. It might be worth checking out the price in Malaysia.

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