My good landlord

Yesterday, I woke up at 0630 and there was no heating. Sadly, the heating only starts at 0700. However, I still bravely took my shower and it was freezing when I came out of the shower room. But I must admit, it was a good way to start the day.

When Mee and I moved in to this place, the heating did not function properly. The toilet did not have a radiator and the whole house was icy cold during the winter. After the heating was fitted, the landlord controls the time. There is virtually no heating in the afternoon which is fine in the summer but it is winter at the moment. Shouldn’t he be adjusting the time to suit our needs?

Still, I must say that the landlord has been good to us. He installed the water softener and I believe that the house is utilizing a tankless water heater. In addition, he hires a cleaner to clean the open area once a week. What can I say? Maybe he is fed up with tenants moving in and out all the time before he made the house a better place to live.

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