Netbook and Laptop …

As planned, my manager and I managed to upgrade the system. The upgrade was successful but somehow, a number of computers were unable to run the system reports. We had no idea how that happened and it took me the whole morning to figure out the solution and implement it. Well, I did not solve the whole thing myself, I contacted the software support as well as liaise with our IT support personnel because I needed to make sure that my solution would not cause more problems. In addition, the IT support would have to help me to deploy necessary files onto users machine. Thankfully, the problem was resolved at 1300.

Back at home, I have been helping a friend in repairing his laptop. It is a HP Pavilion DV9000. The recovery failed to work and it seems to always happen on HP machines. I reinstalled Windows Vista and created a recovery partition for him using Acronis True Image 2009. The secure zone partition created by Acronis has quite the same function as the HP’s recovery solution. Just press F11 when prompted during boot and it will restore the backup-ed data without logging in Vista.

Netbook and Laptop

Netbook and Laptop

Comparing my netbook to the laptop, the size is obvious. The weight of the HP is enormous too.

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