Slimming products as supplements?

It is a norm for Mee and I to take supplements; vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E. Almost everyday, we will make our own juice drinks; combinations of carrots, green apples, cucumber, grape fruits or celery. Sometimes, I just think that drink fresh juices and eating five a day food will be good enough and maybe better off than taking supplements.

Indeed, eating healthy is important. However, supplements are quite necessary too. Previously, Mee was taking 500mg of vitamin C. On the other hand, I take 1000mg of vitamin C all the while. Lately, Mee followed and she takes 1000mg of vitamin C. I find out that she seldom sneezes in the morning compared to the time when she only took 500mg of vitamin C.

Sometimes, when I see the advertisements about diet pills such as Decaslim which they boast of having a combination of superfood, I just wonder if they should be called as diet pills. If the claims were true, then taking those ‘diet pills’ will be a very good supplement for our body. Don’t you agree?

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  1. myi4u

    Hmm.. I used to have plenty of colds too before I take supplements. Right now, I am trying to monitor my supplement intakes because it seems like my immune system deteriotes if I stop taking supplements for more than two days.

    Well, guess what you say is right, everything in moderation. Otherwise, I will be too relying on supplements even though my diet is healthy.

    On thing that puzzles me is that I cannot drink orange juice when I am having a cold or going to have a cold. It just makes matter worse and I do not understand why.

  2. Tony

    I drink a large glass of Orange or Grapefruit Juice before I leave for the office, then another one mid-morning when I have my breakfast at work, usually oatmeal and applesauce. That should give me more than twice the amount of Vitamin C I need, but it does the trick.

    In the last 3 years I have only had 2 colds, I used to have plenty. I put it down to the Vitamin C mostly. If I feel the slightest sign of a cold, I take another glass of juice. If it feels more serious than that, I take an Airborne, and 99% of the time the symptoms (sore throat, itchy eyes etc) just disappear.

    Even with a good balanced diet you probably need to take some supplements, but I hear it’s not good to take too many either. Everything in moderation I guess…

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