The first day of Chinese New Year …

The internet connection at home is real slow. It takes some 10 minutes for me to be able to type a post and post it into my blog. Well, what can I do because it is a 56kbps dial up modem connection. And that is the reason that I post very very less during this period in Malaysia. It has been a hectic schedule during Chinese New Year. We have been visiting relatives and vice versa from the first day of Chinese New Year. Today is only the third day of Chinese New Year and I have not visited any of my old friends yet. I need to plan soon.

Also, I need to go to Mee’s hometown which is some 5 hours drive away from my hometown. Then, Mee and I will do some serious shopping at Kuala Lumpur. Hehehe ….

Oh yeah, we had paid for Dragon Dance on the first day of Chinese New Year. Soon after the Dragon Dance, we went to our grandpa’s house and we got some ang pows. At night, we went to another relative’s house for supper. By that time, my nephew and my niece were asleep and they went home first.

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