Divine Trash Online Fashion

I met some of my old friends during Chinese New Year. Old friends because I have known them since primary schools. Some of them thought that UK life was colorful and exciting but I would only tell them that it is not that kind of life as they would have thought so. Shops close at 8pm the latest during weekdays and 4pm during Sunday. So, people who lives in UK will normally go to pub or disco after that or stay at home.

Mee and I are the latter type. We watch Hong Kong drama, tv and online shopping once a while. Shopping in UK is really easy and everything can be done online. I like to shop for games and electronics while Mee, of course likes uk clothes shop and Divine Trash online fashion is the place she often visits.

The website is easy to browse and with pictures for everything sold on the site; T-shirts, accessories, trousers, shoes and the likes. The descriptions are quite detailed for each of the products and you can also search for a particular brand such as French Connection, Fenchurch and Wrangler or other brands that you like all in one page without having to navigate to the main page.

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