Going home soon …

It is Saturday and two more days, I will be flying back to UK. Time flies, as usual. I was not able to post that frequently due to the limited internet connectivity that I have. As far as I know from the news, UK has been snowing heavily this week. The college that I work for closed on Monday because most staffs and students were not able to go to the college as roads were block by the heavy snow. Hopefully, nothing bad happened to them.

I will start my work on the 11th and I am wondering what will happen to me on that day. Am I going to fall asleep because of jetlag? However, I am sure that all of my colleagues will be asking me about my holiday in Malaysia over and over again. Three weeks of holiday and how am I going to explain all of it to them? Maybe I will just say, good, nice, brilliant and that’s it. Or just nod and nod and nod while they ask.

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