Aborting 9 to 5 jobs

When I was in Batu Pahat, I met my ex-college-mate, Chai Yan. It has been like two years since I last met her. She is still the same but everyone who has seen me will say that I have become thinner. Well, my weight is still the same, so I do not know why they said that. Maybe they expect me to be fatter.

Back to Chai Yan. She ventures in cosmetic products with another partner and they have been selling the products all over Malaysia. Ultimately, they wish to open a cosmetic shop and getaway from 9 to 5 jobs. Before that, they even thought of getting involve in small business franchise such as the blooming Old Town coffee shop. However, the capital investment is too high for them to even consider.

Well, I am happy for Chai Yan because she has managed to take the first step. Me, on the other hand, still thinking the kind of businesses that I will be keen to get involve. Of course, everyone of us would like to do our own business and not being tied down to 9 to 5 jobs, but not everyone successes.

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