Arrived !!! …

Guess what? I am in Basingstoke now. I arrived at London Heathrow Airport at around 0800. Since I arrived at Terminal 4 instead of the usual Terminal 3, I had to take a bus to the Heathrow central bus station to catch a bus back to Sutton. I waited more than 30 minutes for the bus that goes to Heathrow central bus station. The bus service should be more efficient. Later, I had to wait for another 30 minutes for the bus to Sutton. Finally, I arrived at my sister’s flat in Sutton at 1130. Upon entering the flat, piles of letters, magazines and advertisement were at the doorsteps. I rested a while and called Mee too.

Then, I arranged the letters and I found a warning letter. It was a warning letter to my sister because my car was parked at the visitor’s car parks for too long and the management received a lot of complains from the residents. In addition, the letter also mentioned that the management has voided my sister’s rights to use the visitor’s car parks. I was kind of shocked and I quickly went to my car to check if the battery would still work. Surprisingly, I met the lady who wrote the letter when I was walking towards my car. I thought I would be scolded but she nicely told me that my sister should call to the management to inform them if the visitor’s car parks will be used for more than two weeks. She then continued by saying that the rights to use the visitor’s car parks were not voided and asked me not to worry. Phew, what a relieve.

Right now, I need to rest. I do not think that I experience any jetlag but I need to stay up late tonight, so I better get some rest now.

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