Overcoming jetlag …

One of the things that I discovered during my trip to Malaysia and back is that I did not experience any jetlag. During my previous trip, I was very tired in the afternoon but wide awake a night. That went of for few days. But now, I found a way to overcome the jetlag. Maybe it will not work for you but it definitely works for me.

It is simple. My flight to Malaysia departed from London to Amsterdam at about 1600 (London time). Then from Amsterdam to Malaysia at 2045 (Amsterdam time). My watch was still following London time and I just forced myself to sleep at 0000 London time. On my way back to UK, again I forced myself to sleep at 0000 Malaysia time. And that means that in order to overcome the jetlag, I just have to sleep according to the time where I depart on the first night.

Before this, my ex-manager, who was a steward previously, told me to get enough of sleep before getting on the flight. However, it just did not work out for me. As I have already found my way to overcome jetlag, have you found yours?

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