The two new rooms

Talking about my parents’ house renovation, I must say that I am very impressed. Even Mee is impressed by the way my parents renovated it. The whole area of the house just looks larger and I am proud to say that it is a 5 bedroom house. There are three bedroom fitted with air conditioner. And I am very glad with the choice of air conditioners’ brand (Mitsubishi) rather than some unknown brand. The reason of me saying that is unknown brands tend to be cheap but in the long run, they will cost more in electricity.

Initially, I thought that the two new rooms will be very small but they turn out to be quite spacious. Both rooms can fit a double bed and a wardrobe too. My parents also bought new mattress and my mum secretly told me that my dad was going to buy air beds for both the rooms. I thought that was a bad idea too because I reckon that sleep is very important and air bed is only used in camping and not suitable for long term usage. However, not until I saw comfort number bed and sleep number bed.

Comfort number bed is totally different compared to the normal airbeds as it enables the users to choose from 50 arbitrary and comfort set points as well as sleep memory and automatic bedfill functionality. With the incredible feature, users will be able to select the types of settings that conform to the body and choose the comfortable level from the medically recognized mm/Hg (millimetres of Mercury) adjustable sleep support settings. Phew, that is way complicated and advanced than the normal airbeds that we see on sales.

Finally, the mosquito problem still exists. The army of mosquitoes is everywhere in the house. If you open the rooms’ door for more than 3 seconds, most probably, you will be harassed by mosquitoes when you sleep in that room at night. One more thing that I love about the new rooms is that there are not many furniture in them and we can easily spot the mosquitoes.

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