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The weather has been warm nowadays. Snow is unlikely to be seen at this moment. And guess what, it is school term now. Some of my colleagues are not in because they are part-timers.

Mee is unable to access the internet because her house’s laptop is down. Her father has bought a new computer but I doubt it arrives today because I have yet to receive any email from Mee. It is a RM1150 complete personal computer with AMD Sempron processor. I have asked Mee to either change the processor to AMD Athlon 64 X2 or upgrade the original 1GB DDR2 RAM to 2GB DDR2 RAM if the price is reasonable.

Well, it is quite a good bargain for a complete working PC if you are just using it for day to day process and internet. RM1150 is about £230 and it comes with a 19” LCD monitor. Right now, I am planning to build a new PC with a budget of £300. I have done quite a lot of research these few days particularly on the prices, processor, motherboard and most importantly, the online computer shops’ reputation. The range of hardware that I will be looking at is more towards to HTPC type rather than gaming PC.

HTPC – Home Theatre Personal Computer

Head over to All My Reviews and follow the progress there!!!

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