Since I started blogging, I learn a lot. The habit of blogging has evolved from a daily task to blogging with love. The difference is that when you take it as a daily task, you get tired of it eventually. For now, I blog whenever I want to without any influence. Indeed, blog marketing has evolved rapidly since I joined several blog marketing companies more than a year ago.

As most of you may have already known that blog marketing requires you to just blog about anything; products, services, companies, people, movies and the likes. It is not necessarily making your blog goes out of topic and it is up to you on how you put the review into words that fit into your blog.

I believe that I will give myself 80% in blending blog marketing posts into my posts. As my blog and writing skills evolve, many of the blog marketing websites are improving too. One significant change in Paying Post recently is their layout. When I first joined, I thought that it was hard to navigate around and Paying Post was too plain to attract advertisers and bloggers. But look at Paying Post now. They have a whole bunch of articles and one particular article that I like is titled The Art of Reviewing. It helps a great deal for me when writing for my other blog.

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