Spendings …

It has been a week without Mee in UK. Hopefully, she will be able to join me soon. Right now, we are still waiting for a date to collect her passport. For me, everyday is more or less the same. I go to work in the morning and come back home straight after work. Sometimes, I will run some errands on my way home. However, I call Mee every midnight and funnily, I told her that one of my ways of keeping myself occupied is to find ways to spend money.

Indeed, I have been finding quotes and suitable computer components to build a new personal computer. In addition, I am thinking of upgrading my current TV package to size L and that will be an addition of more than 50 channels to the existing 45 channels. And that will cost £11 per month. On the other hand, I also thought of getting the one and only chinese channel called the Phoenix for £5.88 per month. Most probably, I will choose either one of the two.

I have not renewed my car’s road tax and I must remind myself to do that. Come March, I need to take my car for service and MOT. This is a money-spending year I guess.

One of our housemates told Mee through MSN that the other couple will be moving out soon. His wife found a job and has to get to the train station early in the morning. Since I came back from Malaysia, they went to work even before I took my shower. In the past, the husband went to work after me. As usual, they are quite noisy. Even when they are sleeping, I could hear the husband snoring.

Just now, my landlord came but I was on the phone. I wonder if he has something to tell me because he left before I hung up.

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