End of noise, maybe …

Two of our housemates are moving at the end of this month. They are husband and wife and they live in the room directly above us. Hopefully, our landlord will rent it out to only one person instead of two to replace the husband and wife. In fact, the room was designated for one person but the husband insisted on having his wife to live together. Since the landlord agreed, Mee and I have numerous bad experiences with them both as they are making too much noise; footsteps, opening and closing drawers and constantly dropping things on the floor.

Hence, we hope that the misery will end as they move out and we will pray for an understanding new tenant to move in.

Talking about them moving out, I wonder if I will be at home to bid farewell to them. My car’s MOT is due on the 1st of March 2009 and I have already booked a service and MOT appointment for the 28th February 2009 at 0900. Our landlord will be expecting them to clear the room by 1200.

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