Permission to buy thing, Ma’am!!!

Mee has very much influence in almost everything that I bought as well as things that I will be buying. Situation is the same for her where she will always consult me before buying anything. Erm… not unless I am going to buy something to surprise her.

When I have something to buy in my mind, I will always look for information on the internet especially the price. First, I will study reviews of the product and look for any other similar product within the same category. Second, the price is important as it is the most crucial piece of information to persuade Mee. Finally, price alone is not enough, so I have to make comparisons between websites as well as high street prices. One thing that could skip the last two steps is if the product was on sale.

Sometimes, I find the three steps to be troublesome especially when I only want to buy things that are not expensive. However, this is an excellent way to evaluate a product and making sure that I get the right product at a reasonable price.

Since I have decided to build a new computer system a.k.a. home theatre personal computer HTPC (even though I will attached it to a computer monitor and use it to play computer games), I have been doing some extensive search on the computer components that I will be using. In Malaysia, most probably I will be making trips to Low Yat Plaza where the hardware prices are unbelievable. However, comparing the prices using the price sheets with very small font size from different shops in Low Yat Plaza is not always a nice experience. Those who have been to Low Yat Plaza should know what I am talking about.

Here in UK, a search on the internet will give you the prices from major internet stores as well as high street shops. It is not enough to just buy from the best price of all. The reputation of the internet stores is equally important. Until now, I have only bought things from Dixons, Amazon, and carefully selected Amazon marketplace.

However, I have to look elsewhere if I were going to buy computer components at bargain prices. Most of the internet stores where I can get cheaper prices do not have good reviews from their customers. Even the internet stores that I mentioned above do not score really well from all the customers’ reviews. Interestingly, is hand is the one internet store that has most of the customers impressed. One particular product that I have to mention is the Antec Multimedia Station Premier Deluxe IR Receiver and Remote. What a long name! But it will be the ultimate component to complete my dream HTPC machine.

Gosh! How I wish that I could order it straightaway because I have done all the three steps mentioned above. Oops!!! It should be four steps and the last step is going through the all three steps with Mee.

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