Get your brain working

Sometimes, I thought that my life is pretty straightforward. Sleep, eat, work and play. There are not many activities going on and sport is on my waiting list. I felt that life is less exciting but more demanding compared to study’s life. Well, you may say that youth was what I got during my study years but that was just a small part of the reasons. A lot of people that I know (around the same age as me or older than me) are still very active in every way but not the same way as before; more clubbing, meeting friends, get to know more friends, travel and the likes.

These days, whenever I speak to my friends, we are always talking about work, work and work. It seems like we have less in common and all we can talk about is only about work. Imagine that we studied about 10 different subjects during our secondary school years and we could talk at least 10 different topics including daily life. Thus, we never ran out of topics.

Right now, my brain is just focused on work. A simple mathematical calculation often takes about 5 – 10 seconds longer than I could calculate when I was younger. Hence, I always tell myself as well as people that I know that we should always find other activities to keep us active, just active in any way. Sports improve our reflexes and games improve our thinking rather than sitting in the office everyday, looking at the screen with a blinking cursor.

For those who like sports like chess, this 5 minutes mystery maybe for you. It looks like it is very suitable for students at any stage as it improves rational thinking but to me, it is suitable for anyone who understands English. However, it depends on personal interest though. This 5minutesmystery was featured on ABC news and mysteries will be published on every Monday and Friday for you to take the chance to climb up the top sleuth. If you think you are up for it, you can even submit your own mysteries. There is also a forum for all the mystery solvers to discuss and exchange ideas.

Well, 5 minutes mystery is one of the many sites that I would go into everyday and keep my mind busy.


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