Busy at work …

I was quite busy this morning, having to rush a report and then trying to clear some of my tasks. I met a lot of other colleagues and talked a lot too as I needed to understand the things that they are trying to do as well as the things that they are doing now. Yesterday, I sent an email to obtain some feedback from ILP users. ILP stands for individual learning plans. However, I have received negative feedback and hopefully, as more feedback coming in, I will be able to evaluate the usability of the ILP system.

Currently, the customer service department is looking forward to receive payments from students and thus, I need to understand the hardware needed as well as what they need to achieve at the end of the day. Surprisingly, I met some of my old ‘friends’; good old electronic cash registers. After all, I used to work as an ECR support. The ECRs that we have here are mid-end Casio ECR. However, they are just using it for collecting cash which only uses 20% of what the ECRs are capable of.

Well, I was quite enjoying the talking to other staffs but at the same time, I felt familiar yet strange. Familiar because I was doing similar things all the time during all my previous works and in fact, I really miss doing support. Strange because I have not been doing this that frequent. Indeed, I also work as a support now but most of the problems can be solved by sitting in front of my computer.

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