Berries all the way

While I was in Malaysia, my mum always told us (siblings) not to eat too full, just 80% would be good enough. Well, that is quite true because the feeling of eating too full is so uncomfortable. Since I am making my own meals most of the time now, I choose to eat a reasonable portion of food and a mixture of fruits and yogurt after each meal. After, the meals that I am making for myself are certainly not as good as what Mee prepared for me in the past. Hence, the fruits and yogurt are there to provide me a good balance of diet.

The fruits that I normally consume are apples, nectarines, bananas, grapes and any other fruits that are on promotion. Have you heard of mulberry? Hmmm… not the fashion Mulberry. I have only heard of blackberry, cranberry, blueberry and raspberry but not mulberry. Apparently, Mulberry trees can be easily grown in European countries as well as US. However, I find none the supermarkets around this area. Anyway, I do not really keen on berries kind of things but I must say that they are expensive. Mee likes them though especially strawberry.

When I first bought my car, Mee accompanied me to collect it. At that time, there was this huge blackberry tree, full of blackberries of course, at the back of the garage. Mee almost plucked all the blackberries but I stopped her as we did not know the source of it. If allowed, I believe Mee would have taken the whole tree home. If Mee and I got a backyard of our own, Mee will most probably grow some berry trees.

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    In everyday English, a berry is a broad term for any small edible fruit. Most berries are juicy, round or semi-oblong, brightly coloured, sweet or sour, and don’t have a stone or pit. Most berries are edible, but some are poisonous to humans.

    True berries are distinguishable from false berries like blueberries and cranberries in which the fruit flesh is formed from other parts of the flower and not just the ovary. Also not true berries, aggregate fruits like raspberries are collections of small fruits, and accessory fruits like strawberries are formed from parts of the plant other than the flower. As explained below, none of these is a true berry.

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