Servicing and MOT

I am really looking forward to the servicing and MOT-ing of my car tomorrow. Well, that will be the first service and MOT since I bought the car back in July 2008. A whole seven months and I have never driven a car for that long time until a service is needed. When I was working in Malaysia, I had to service the car I was driving about every 4 months and the shortest being 2 months.

At the moment, I know nothing about the condition of my car but I will, after tomorrow. I am taking it to one of the main Ford dealers thinking that it would be better handled. Part of the reason is also the promotion that ends tomorrow. Next time, I believe that I will be looking for independent garages unless main Ford dealers have better offers.

The main difference between independent garages and main dealers is the equipment. Main dealers normally have proper car lifts, better knowledge on specific type of cars, better time management and most definitely, the parts they provide will be the certified ones. Indeed, the charges are sometimes shocking but I believe that it is kind of worth it if you can afford it. Independent garages rely on trust and the relationship but you never know that you might find a good deal with the main dealers.

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