Service and MOT done …

The service and MOT went alright yesterday. The car passed the MOT test with just a change of a pair of wiper blades. With the logo of FORD on both the wiper blades, they cost me £20. The whole service and MOT took just under 2 hours than the initially suggested of 3 hours. When I asked the technician, he said that he did not want to keep me waiting. Well, that was nice but I was hoping that he will do a good job rather than service and MOT my car in a hurry.

I was told to do the next service after 12,500 miles or a year, whichever comes first. 12,500 miles?!!! In Malaysia, a normal service will only keep us going for 5,000km let alone a year. A better service will only take the car to 10,000km.

The newspapers reported that March is a month where car dealers will be expecting good sales because the new 2009 registration will be out. Indeed, there were a lot of people and calls to the Ford showroom as I was waiting inside the showroom. Some models of Ford even have a waiting time until November. I particularly interested in Ford Kuga. The name is not the nicest to read out but it looks great. I am also impressed by the new technology that they put in to those new models a car.

There is an intelligent fuel pump detection to make sure that you do not pump in diesel into a petrol car or vice versa. I remember there was once when newspapers reported Wayne Rooney accidentally refilled diesel into his petrol Range Rover. Yes, the footballer and his expensive Range Rover. Well, if I go to the showroom a few more times, I will soon see myself in debt.

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