A day off tomorrow …

The weather is bright and sunny at the moment while it was icy in the morning. My colleague had her 30th birthday yesterday. Earlier, her sister, who is working in the same department, collected about £5 from each of us and bought her some gift cards and food. Later this year, there will be two colleagues celebrating their 30th birthday as well as another colleague celebrating her 50th. It is going to be a busy year!

I have applied for a day off tomorrow as I need to go to Mee’s college to get some documents. Well, ex-college to be exact and it is my ex-college too. You see, during my one year study at the college, they changed their administrators all the time. They have now been taken over by London College but the situation is still the same. Mee has requested some documents for almost 3 weeks and they are still not ready yet. Thus, I have to make a trip to the college to ensure that they are and will be issuing the correct documents.

I hope that they will not be wasting my time tomorrow. Surely they will not be using up the whole afternoon just to create some documents of not more than 200 words. I wonder what I can do in London. I will be alone and no one shop with me. I thought of going to Oxford Street but I have nothing to buy. I believe that it will be crowded as usual. On the other hand, I will be paying an all zone travel card which is kind of a waste if I am not going to fully utilise it.

Anyhow, it will depend on my mood, the time I have as well as the weather condition.

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