Short London trip …

Yesterday trip to London did not go quite well as expected. Somehow, I did manage to do what I wanted to do but not all. I chatted with Mee the night before and she suggested me Chinatown when I mentioned to her that I have got no interest to go anywhere in London but I do not want to waste the travel card. Gosh, I completely forgot about Chinatown. The weather was gloomy all day long and it rained when I was in Chinatown. I just went in to two shops and bought some food, that’s it really. I reached home around 1600 which was a good time even though it was still raining because anytime later than that, the tube and the train will be packed with people while the road will be packed with cars.

When I came into the office this morning, I found out that my manager was off sick yesterday and he is still sick. I was also kind of worried because I did not turn on my out of office reply status. A few people did look for me yesterday but luckily their requests were important instead of urgent. Important as in the tasks need my attention and should be high priority. Urgent as in the tasks need to be solved as soon as possible or immediately.

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