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In the past, I used to use Hotmail extensively without opening an account with Yahoo. I was loyal, maybe. Or stubborn. It was not until my Hotmail account flooded with tons of email and spam mails that I finally make the decision to switch to Yahoo. Indeed, Yahoo was faster and easier to navigate. Best of all, the email spaces keep on increasing until today’s unlimited email spaces. On the other hand, Hotmail is still restricting its users to 5GB.

Sadly though, the spam or junk mails that I was getting at Hotmail suddenly disappear by more than 70% while my Yahoo account’s spam mails have grown substantially. Well, it can be easily explained by saying that I use Yahoo more often and eventually, I get more spam mails. But my Hotmail account is still active and why it is getting lesser and lesser spam mails? Does Hotmail have better quality control?

Hmm… one thing that frustrates me is that Yahoo keeps diverting my subscribed newsletters into the Spam folder. Those newsletters contain latest information from some of the forums that I read the most as well as promotional product recommended by major online stores such as Amazon,, Pixmania and Maplin. Well, I have to often scan through the emails in the Spam folder which can get up to 100 spam mails a day in order to make sure that I do not miss out of any news or offers that I have subscribed. Frustrating indeed.

Is it time to switch back to Hotmail?

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  1. Flo

    Use Gmail–it’s the absolute best! I use my Gmail account for everything and I have not had problems with spam at all. Best of all, it’s super fast, and it can alert you to new mails without refreshing the page. Try it! 🙂

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