Panerai watches

We, siblings, have been thinking of buying a watch for our dad. Why watch? The thing is, it is always easier to think of something to buy for women compared to man. For women, you can always buy accessories including handbags, watches, dresses, jewelleries make-up products and others. For men, watches, wallets, belts, technology stuffs and that’s almost it. And those things do not come cheap either.

In addition, the guys in our family are quite particular when it comes to wearing accessories or using technology stuffs. We normally choose not to buy anything for our dad because he can be quite picky and not all the things that you buy for him, suits him. At least that is what he thinks.

Anyway, the watch is still in our thoughts and it will take some time to materialize it. There are things such as price, brand, strap and design to consider and I personally find that Panerai 1950 series of watches have a vintage look in them. Some of you may have not heard of Panerai but it is a Swiss-owned watch brand of Italian origin and has established since 1860.

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