Cleaning again …

Currently, I am doing some spring cleaning job. Some simple job such as cleaning my computer was completed last Saturday. Well, you never know what it looked like when you went on using the computer without having a peek into the condition inside the casing. I regretted for not taking any pictures of it as I was busy cleaning it up.

First of all, I have already broken the rules that I gave to some of my friends when it comes to cleaning up computer. I used a vacuum cleaner. Hmm … I used to warn my friends that vacuum cleaner should not be used when cleaning computer because some smaller parts might be vacuumed during the process of cleaning. We should use a blower instead and that was what I did during my work as a system support. Once a while, customers made requests to have their system cleaned and I would use blower.

However, I do not have the space or the blower. Thus, I used the vacuum cleaner at low speed and I was very careful. The whole processor heatsink was covered with dust.

Apart from that, I am trying hard to squeeze some space out of the already packed room that Mee and I living in at the moment. So far so good and I have been utilising shoe boxes to organise my socks and other smaller items. Work in progress still.

Next, comes the virtual world. As you may have noticed, my blog is a Flatpress blog. On and off, there will be an update and the latest version now is Flatpress 0.812.1 Fortissimo while I am still using the old version 7 Vivace. Hence, I am testing the latest version now but I am not rushing though. I have actually start from scratch; installation and creating a new design. As this blog is my first blog, I have a lot of unused codes and plugins lying around. So, I thought that this is a good time for me to reorganise the codes and change the design.

When I first started this blog, I kept thinking of putting tons of information. However, I believe that I should change it by just putting useful information and not just simply anything. Thus, I will not be changing anything right now and will let the new design does all the talking.

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