Liverpool won !!! …

I am quite pleased with the current progress of changing my blog design as well as updating the version of Flatpress it is using. The new version does not have many changes in terms of interface and design but it fixes some bugs which I never noticed. Well, it is always good to have an updated version of software.

I watched the football match between Liverpool and Read Madrid. I am a Liverpool supporter for years and their performance last night was really impressive, though the second half was a bit bad. The result was 4 nil against one of the top Spanish team. However, they are still not able to perform consistently throughout this whole season. Again, a lot of matches that should have won, they drew or lost. As a result, they are third in the league. This Saturday match against Manchester United should determine whether Liverpool is still the contender of this season’s English Premier League.

Two days ago, I watched Kungfu Hustle, a movie by Stephen Chow. Hmmm … I watched this movie for like 5 times but I still laughed throughout the whole movie even though it was not as funny as the first time I watched it.

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