More and more tasks …

A new housemate moved in last night. He came at about midnight and seemed to take only a few things with him. Maybe he did not want to wake us up in the middle of the night. Anyway, hope that he will be the quiet type.

Yesterday, I was kind of busy. I got a last minute task from my manager which was to create an Access database and interface and it had to be done by Monday. Hence, I was only working on that task for the whole Friday. It was considered completed but I still need to tweak the interface and by Monday, I will be able to have someone test it out for me. Also, I have to do some testing to see if the database supports multiuser. In addition, I will be left on my own on Monday and Tuesday because my manager and department manager will be attending a conference.

Gosh… I got so many tasks to do. Everyday, I will check my tasks list first when I log on to my computer. Then I will be thinking which tasks I should be doing first. Next, I will check my emails for follow up tasks. When I first joined, my tasks were a lot easier because they were all assigned by my manager. As time goes, more and more users contact me directly and I have to manage most of the troubleshoot tasks myself. My manager and ex-manager will be the people that I seek advice and guidance from. Until then, I still enjoy my job and it is getting interesting day after day.

The match of the day between Manchester United and Liverpool has just finished. Liverpool won 4-1!!!!!

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